Freebie Tuesday

Cum Down My Throat

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American / Arkansas
32,613 4.6
7:42 min - Jan 25 2015 - .MP4 - 667.05 MB


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terry26 Apr 21 2016


JoustinBeaver Mar 23 2015

i agree this video is really great. she is a natural on the camera.

VDubber Feb 17 2015

Love the way this BJ was shot on camera...amazing as always Jenny...

JennyBlighe Feb 17 2015

thank you!!! =) vegas!!

swunngman Feb 2 2015

Jenny's hottest video to date!!! She may be the prettiest girl on cam, but the girl can suck a mean dick! Buy this video!

JennyBlighe Feb 17 2015

thank you!!

JennyBlighe Feb 1 2015

Glad you guys are really enjoying this one!!! :)

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terry26 Apr 21 2016
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Absolutely hot video! Jenny looks hot as always. The way she made him cum right at the end and him unloading deep down in her throat was awesome. Would luv see more of these....

Ollo211 Dec 29 2015
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Really entertaining and arousing. Jenny never ceases to amaze.

VDubber - Top reviewer Jun 6 2015
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You never cease to amaze me, Jenny! Great video!

Erchristians May 25 2015
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I love how she gags on it at the end! Very impressive

ReagansStud deleted May 20 2015
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Sexy video! Jenny gives one hell of a BJ!!

Rob8584 May 5 2016
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It was ok it took half the video for the man to get hard from then her technique was hot but he came in about a 1 minutes.

JennyBlighe May 6 2016

Ridiculous review. This is not only a top selling vid, but a well reviewed/liked vid! I know for a fact, given that I shot it and edited it, that your review is very off. It most certainly did not take half the video to get him hard. I stand by this one, guys. I would never post anything I didn't think was something you'd enjoy. This is my career, I don't produce garbage. Lol Love that you said MY technique was just great, yet a 2 star rating. Give me a break.

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