10min Gloves



American / Portland, OR
10:19 min - May 31 - .WMV - 194.11 MB


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A 10:19 Glove & Hand Fetish Video using my new high quality 6 megapixel camera. I start out in a pair of elbow length lace-up vinyl gloves. I show them off, then start chatting with you about my glove collection, showing you each piece and telling you what I like about them and what they're good for. I try on each pair one by one, putting them on then showing them off, then taking them off again. Includes elbow length vinyl lace-up gloves, elbow length black cotton evening gloves, fingerless work gloves, black gardening gloves, black heavy winter gloves, and stanley mechanics gloves. This video has very loud, clear audio. 3179kbps, 640x480