Asian Model Sucking 9in BBC Huge Facial

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joeatthe Oct 15 2016
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Not even a real penis, come on

CaptainHarper Jun 14 2016
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This is another perfect video from Nova, especially if you have had the fantasy (like me) of Nova sucking you off! Nova's ability to suck dick is amazing and the eye contact is really what does it for me! If you're a fan of facials then you'll love the one at the end!

Keep up the good work Nova can't wait to see what you come up with next, this is another 10/10

Was that really 15 spurts from just a blowjob?!?! This is the BIGGEST COCK Nova has worked with on cam to date. 9 inches and hella thick. Did I mention that this might be the most GODLY CUMSHOT FACIAL you've seen this year? Ever?! This is a super hot scene that opens up with the gorgeous and super-tight Nova making a breakfast cup of tea. She comes back to bed and finds her new lover reading the newspaper. Feeling famished Nova wants breakfast and makes her way over to the protein pump, that would be her boytoy's 9-INCH dong. Wasting no time she starts working that huge cock with her little mouth and hands. This is an incredibly thorough blowjob by Ms. Patra. Her tongue covers every inch including his huge balls. I don't want to spoil it too much for you but we had the assistant director count the spurts of cum that landed on her face and he said 15! FIFTEEN! Nova gets absolute covered in a big load of hot cum. You'll have to get the video to confirm those 15 shots fired. Either way, this video is going in the hall of fame and will undoubtedly be the feature facial in Nova's next cumshot compilation