Squirting in Silk Pants

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393 5.0
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SatinW0lf - Top reviewer Aug 2 2016
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Incredible. i have a major silk / satin fetish plus love watching a woman squirt so everything about this is perfect. <3 more silk/satin please! x

I use my wand to tease my clit through silk pants. The silk against my clit feels amazing and just adding vibrations makes it even more intense. A slow wet spot starts to form before I gush multiple times. I dare say that you could even see some squirt shoot through pants. Eventually I put want inside my pants, flip over, really showing off wet spot and squirting once more. You can see some squirt drip down but when I flip over, you see that most of it went down my pant leg, making it super wet. I finish off with an intense orgasm in my soaking wet pants.