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1,765 5.0
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Sonny24 Mar 26

Lil dick white boys smh lol

hg_lover Jun 30 2016

Oh my god look at that body!  So perfect

Marissa Sweet Jul 9 2016

Thank you for such a sweet comment!<3:*)

Sphbabydick Dec 3 2016
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Very hot video, this chick is totally cute and i just love watching her humiliate. Awesome body, I wish she would humiliate my cock like that. 5*

Marissa Sweet Oct 5 2017

Thank you for your review. ;)

vailjohn - Top reviewer Aug 11 2017
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A great SPH video! I sometimes avoid Customs where the name used isn't my own, but I am an absolute sucker for any video with a beautiful girl giving us great topless views. And since I love fun SPH videos, I took a chance and I LOVED it! Marissa is fantastic! She has received and shows us pictures of "Matthew's" member, and her reaction seems completely genuine and pure SPH joy! The guy who ordered this must've really loved the "public humiliation" aspect of it! The big highlight for me was when she started talking about how he's probably jerking off watching this video "right now", which gave the video a surreal "real time" feeling to it. She also talks about what a failure it would be for such a tiny cock to titty fuck her or take her from behind, and we get some really lovely views of Marissa's Sweet Ass. :-) Great video!

Marissa Sweet Aug 13 2017

Thank you so much for this review! ***

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