Amateur unstaged BBC at Gloryhole

17,390 4.5

Amy Day

American / USA
17,390 4.5
16:17 min - Jun 07 - .MP4 - 644.66 MB - 854x480


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Arrakis84 Feb 9 2017

Amazing deepthroat queen.. love your interracial video especially when you are submissive, kinky and messy... make us addict...

manyker - Top reviewer Jul 17 2017
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Niiiiice! This is a fantastic video! It is a bit pricey but well worth it! The face fucking, running makeup and drooling cum were great.

MichaelXY - Top reviewer Jun 12 2016
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The BBC is pretty well endowed and she looks fantastic with that lovely dick in her mouth. She uses a rotating HJ technique whee she mostly sucks the tip of the dick while stroking him using one or both hands. She does try a few deepthroat attempts and makes it fairly far down his large dick before gagging.

The camera is constantly shifting from side to top views keeping things interesting and giving a great look at her from several angles, it's very well shot.

For the cumshot the guy jerks himself a bit and then cums in her mouth which she sucks up before showing her open mouth with the cum all over her tongue and dripping out and then the video quickly ends. Super hot ending but I would have loved to see some cum play there or the scene not end immediately after the cumshot.

I'm actually glad that it took so long for the guy to cum otherwise we wouldn't have this fantastic and long video that I could watch forever :)

rilync - Top reviewer Jun 12 2016
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Man she has great Head skill good lord she work the cock so good. How to see more Gloryhole video in the future.

TROGLODITE Jun 21 2016
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no, in the beginning it looked good to me, but the woman does not know suck BCC , she did that go fast and that's it, for at the end brandish his tongue like a moron ? dont buy this video l : ose of time and money

Amy Day Jun 28 2016

Sorry you didn't like it! I updated the title/description to indicate in was random/unstaged and taken with a cell phone.  I'll head back to do a better quality one with more participants when I can!

Went to a semi-local gloryhole with just a cell phone in hand and I was greeted by a HUGE surprise. I just wish he was able to cum a little quicker so I could've taken on some more