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Amy Day

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23,681 5.0
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facialsrsexy Jun 20 2016
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She could have called this "Two cock blowbang and bukkake" The amount of cum that got blown across her face at the end was impressive and super hot to see her take it all willingly. I only wish there would have been more of the aftermath and her cleaning up while talking about the amount of cum that was on her face. Im fact i would love to see her just casually sit there talking about facials and big loads while she lets these two just jerk their huge loads all over her face again.

MichaelXY - Top reviewer Jun 8 2016
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She looks hot on her knees with a ponytail and in a tight white top to begin the video. After about a minute of sucking one guy off another dick enters the picture and she proceeds to go back and forth between the dicks.

After about 5 mins of BJ's on her knees she is laying with her back on the bed getting pounded by the first guy followed by some spit roasting then DP at the end. The finale is a fantastic double facial with her on her back both guys completely cover her face and she looks absolutely delicious!

Double BJ Penetration and Facial- One of my first threesomes and it has it all, starting with me on my knees giving a BJ, a lot of spitroasting, some nice DP, and it ends with a huge face covering double facial