Ravaged- A Stranger Hookup

5,674 5.0

Amy Day

American / USA
5,674 5.0
15:20 min - Jun 07 - .MP4 - 329.95 MB - 854x480


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manyker - Top reviewer Jul 2 2017
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Not much more to add than the previous review has already said. There are some faults but based on previous review new that before purchasing and do not regret it.

MichaelXY - Top reviewer Jun 12 2016
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She answers the door topless guy comes in and she drops to her knees and gives him a blowjob the initial view is a bit from a voyeur angle with bad lighting but luckily that only lasts about one minute till we get better lit action from a side view positioned camera.

The dude has a pretty long dick and he grabs her hair and keeps pulling her into him while she sucks, deepthroats and gags and gets pretty spitty and messy. After about 5 minutes of messy BJ action we move to sex where she is standing up and bends over while the guy rails her from behind.

Very nice action as the guy starts pulling her hair and pounds her with even more vigor, I love hearing her moan and scream while watching her body jigle. The guy even gives her some oral and it looks fantastic as she wraps her legs around him and props herself up on his shoulders using her legs and feet.

We get some fucking footage from below of the guys dick entering her pussy, followed by a bit of 69 and then a fantastic sex sequence where she rotates and thrusts herself into the guy in what is one of the hottest fucking segments I've seen, the guy ends up cumming real quick after that and she jerks him off over her pussy.

A very hot video!

A stranger was sent to my door and I was told to be a good little slut so of course I dropped to my knees right away! He proceeded to fuck my throat and create some nice cock tears before ravaging my pussy