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Quarterly Milking - Star Nine HD

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Star Nine
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With Star Nine! you eagerly await your quarterly milking, the short window where Big Sis lets you out of your cage to drain your swollen balls. Usually she gets you off effectively with her feet, wearing the sexy socks that have always made you so weak. This time, she intends to milk you without any gratification, she's just going to squeeze the built up cum right out of your balls. you struggle and flinch, trying to close your legs as her arm muscles visibly pop, her hand around your balls like a vice. you're desperate for release, aching to expel three months worth of cum, but your balls are bursting in her tight grip. Eventually Big Sis gets bored and crams your aching balls through the tight metal ring, locking you up again with no relief. Send your custom video request to star at starbondmedia dot com Includes taboo, chastity, milking, ball torment, orgasm control #FemaleDomination #Taboo #TeaseAndDenial #ChastityDevices #Humiliation

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