Incredible Rimjob and Massive Cumshot

16,121 5.0
16,121 5.0
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CaptainHarper Jul 7 2016
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Loving the Rimjob video! Nova surely has some skills!

Nico3009 Jun 14 2016
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Very sexy vid. I know I'd cum just the same way if Nova did that to me.

His and Hers is the kinkiest video I've ever created. I'm actually quite nervous to release it. Directed by Lake Okane this is a pure RimJob Video. Lake enters the scene and performs incredible oral sex on my asshole as he uses the hitachi on my clit. I orgasm very hard on screen. Watch him thoroughly explore my behind and give me a mindblowing orgasm from it. Afterwards he thinks he's getting a blow job in return but I surprise him by returning the back door favor. I eat his ass from the front and back and make him cum in a rusty trombone. I milk his dick up and down from behind while licking and just before he cums I finger him and triggers a massive cumshot from his gspot. I've never seen him cum so much. The video captures the cumshot from multiple angles and does not dissapoint