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Eat It For Me

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Oh pet, don't I just look so absolutely stunning tonight? I put on something super sexy because I want you to stroke for me... but not just stroke for me, I want you to stroke so good you blow the biggest load you possibly can! That shouldn't be too hard, right? Look at my sexy ass in this thong back leotard, doesn't that make your cock so fucking hard? I know it does, so grab your cock and stroke! That's right, stroke that dick, stroke it faster, stroke it harder! You want to cum, don't you? You want to cum so hard for me... you want to drain those balls, milk that cock? Good boy. Do it! Cum for me, cum so fucking hard for me, catch it right in your hand. Every last drop! Did that feel good? It did, it felt fucking amazing. Now EAT IT! Do it pet, eat the cum right off your hand. Eat it all for Princess Kristi. DO IT.

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