Violating The Help

3,426 5.0

Mistress Lucy Khan

American / Los Angeles
3,426 5.0
24:24 min - Jun 18 - .MOV - 1.55 GB - 1280x720 HD


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Jota_M Dec 29 2016

very sexy with this high heels

bob454 Jul 2 2016
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I thoroughly enjoyed this sensual domination film. Having had many in person sessions with Mistress Lucy, I could almost taste those yummy toes and spit as I watched. The foot worship is shown in both the voyeur's view as well as the Mistress' POV. That was a nice touch.

To top it off, the scene is narrated by Mistress Lucy. With all that visual and her voice, this film has artistic qualities you don't normally see in this genre.

I wonder what she will do next.

Lil Bob

I first saw you when you were working in my yard. That young, lithe body—straining under the weight of labor, so smooth, so hairless. Undoubedly the body of a boy. I lit a cigarette as I watched it glisten in the mid day sun. As the smoke curled out from between My lips, I knew that before the workday was over, I would make you mine. Like a hawk stalking its prey, I watched patiently as you grew more and more exhausted, and knew it wouldn’t be long before you’d be in need of a cold beverage from the house to rehydrate... This video was shot partially from the Mistress POV and includes smoking, face sitting, extensive foot play, ball busting, sissification, feminization, male objectification, oral strap on, and implied chastity training.