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Freebie Tuesday

Mommy Denali Spanks and Diapers Ami!


Denali Winter

American / San Francisco
11:49 min - Jun 19 - .MP4 - 309.68 MB - 1280x720 HD


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Mistress Denali has a special surprise for her little girl Ami! Ami was a naughty girl and was out too late partying with her friends, so Mommy made her wear cute adult diapers for an entire week! Ami thinks she's going to get freed from these diapers today, but Mommy has other plans. She wants her ABDL to wear a diaper all day, every day! She gets Ami over her lap and spanks her padded bottom, then checks it for wetness. Time to change your diaper! After Ami has been humiliated by a diaper change, she starts to feel more and more like she BELONGS in it! She even ends up with a pacifier in her mouth! No more tantrums from you! Mommy pulls out a colorful adult baby dress and dresses Ami in it, giving her a bottle and telling her she can watch cartoons. Now your transformation is complete!
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