Misty Loses A Pokemon Match The HARD Way

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Lana Rain

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114,233 5.0
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pikefunal deleted Dec 2 2016

That sweet pussy http://bit.ly/2fR67CJ

Ramona Flour Jul 21 2016

I hope the video sales for this sky rocket! You go girl!!!

kelzec Jul 6 2016

I have always like Misty and you did an excellent job as her!!!

MoeDoe Jul 5 2016

I would be your Ash Ketchum anyday ;)

Destiny11 Jul 4 2016


MistressGeisha Jun 28 2016

My new crush!

Doguemastiff Jun 21 2016

Great video. I really enjoyed it

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Doguemastiff - Top reviewer Jun 21 2016
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My childhood was ruined a long time ago after seeing some Misty doujin hentai on the web. But I digress

This is one of lana best videos up to date. A nice doggy style fuck and a really good butt and asshole, finished with a 4 way gangbang blowjob. That little bonus at the end was really kinky too. Also good detail have 2 water-type Pokémon Blastoise and Oshawott in the background. Togepi too. Lana by far has some of the best cosplays so far and enjoy every detail and effort she puts into her videos.

Infamous_czar - Top reviewer Jun 23 2016
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My first ever Lana video and all I can say is, my lord this is the best video on this site! The price is a steal for how great this video is! Keep up the amazing work!!

Thtguywho924 deleted Feb 20 2017
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One of the first video's I bought here and my first of Lana's and it does not disappoint!! For anyone who is a Pokemon fan, loves redheads or just wants a video that is absolutely incredible...Buy this Video!!

waynebruce15 deleted Dec 10 2016
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This was an absolute masterpiece from a very talented young lady

Captainjim143 Sep 18 2016
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This was the first video I've ever bought and it was amazing!

feiashtear Sep 14 2016
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Happy to see Misty all grown up.
If you grew up with the original Pokemon anime you should probably get this video.
It did not disappoint.

KiraShinryu Aug 28 2016
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I thought I loved Pokemon before, but now i really love it. my favorite video so far. This video was so amazing I wonder how awesome the rest are? See ya, I gotta get them all :D

Memphis Man Jul 8 2016
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This is just a great vid all around! The level of effort alone Lana put into this vid is worth the price alone. You will hate yourself if you don't buy this vid!!!

jinxlove Jul 6 2016
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awesome!! I want more of these videos especially love the second to last scene so hot,

vivaceinsol Jul 6 2016
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To be honest, I've never found Misty to be an attractive character, but after Lana's cosplay of her, she's definitely getting special place in my heart. Lana's beautiful face and sweet body pull of the gym trainer so well, it's crazy and down right sexy

lonelyboyxp Jul 2 2016
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Pokémon cosplay at its best. Sexy Misty is the top of every Pokémon fans list and Lana pulls it off with style. Adding a unique twist to the lost bet scenario Lana keeps the sexy all Pokémon with fun Pokéball fun followed by some amazing naughty action. The game screen dialog and time flow actually works to its advantage giving it a great pace. The ending is especially fun, giving you what feels like two video ideas in one. Add in the growth from Misty’s humiliation to her down right begging for it this video gives you everything you want and more. If you are a fan of cosplay and the lost bet scenario you will want to check this out, if you are a fan of Pokémon and Misty this video is a must!

wtphun48 Jun 25 2016
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Amazing video! Must get for anyone that ever fantasized about Misty, or even if you have no idea who that is! Great production value! Best cosplay I've seen!

Assholathotekkkh Jun 25 2016
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By the dark gods, this has to be your best A-Tier video yet, and it's not just the quality, the lighting and the setup, it's the storyline, you maintaining your silly personality whilst staying in character, I've seen plenty of girls cosplay as Misty, but you stand out from the rest, as usual, this here vid is a must see, if you want to enhance your childhood.

WhoCaresStfu Jun 23 2016
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First and possibly only video I will ever review. Had to be Misty, didn't it.

Lana Rain Jun 24 2016

Haha, that means a lot. Thank you.

Souleater20 Jun 23 2016
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Thank you Lana for completing a childhood dream and fantasy of mine.

[A-Tier][Plot][In-Character][1st-Person-POV] Misty gets a little too cocky for her own good and bites off more than she can chew when she taunts with a deal she ends up regretting. Or did she? |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Between the facials, pokeball insertions, hard doggy-style pounding, and an epic remix of an oldschool video game soundtrack that's sure to hit you with a blast of nostalgia during the final bonus clips, this is my craziest and highest quality A-Tier video to date in terms of production quality and intensity. This video also marks as the first one filmed in Full HD 1920x1080 at 60 FPS (previous ones were downscaled to Standard HD 1280x720p 60 FPS for various reasons). Thank you everyone for all of the love and support. I promise to continue to seek ways to outdo myself :)