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ilse Alcorta

Mexican / Texas
11:24 min - Jun 24 - .MP4 - 424.41 MB


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Hello everyone! :) Here's a cute little set for you guys... it's a little bittersweet for me now... :( I actually shot this set before watching my team lose 7-0 in the American Cup of soccer. :( If you're in Europe, you're probably following the Euro Cup which is basically the same as the American Cup, and if you don't like soccer then i'm sure you don't know what i'm talking about... haha. But anyway, i wanted to shoot a pretty soccer themed set for you guys and i hope you like it. :) This set is called MVP because the player with the most beautiful feet is obviously the most valuable player... ;) So here's your MVP after a long game, finally taking off my sneakers and thigh highs to reveal the cutest little feet you've ever seen! ;) My little feet are so tired after playing for so long, so i give them a little massage with lotion because that feels pretty awesome... haha. ;) And well, i'm just showing you why i was picked the MVP of my team... ;) I hope you guys like this little set! :) I want to wish you all a great week, thank you all for everything! I love you guys!