ilse Alcorta

Mexican / Texas
10:09 min - Jun 28 - .MP4 - 376.66 MB


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Hello everyone! :) Here's a cute little set for you guys... For this week, i decided to wear something cute and sexy, it's been a long time since i wore a Black Milk dress, and i really like them because they're super tight and made of nylon, so it pretty much hugs my body perfectly... ;) The print on this dress is super adorable so i wore the most adorable shoes in my collection, cupcake heels! :) These heels were a gift from Mike and i really do think they're adorable, i hope you guys like them too. I did a cute little pedicure but it got ruined when i put my shoes on... :( That seems to always happen to me whenever i paint my nails the day of my shoot, i will try not to do that often. ;) Anyway, i hope you guys like this, there's really no theme for this set, it's just me looking cute in my cute dress and even cuter heels. ;) You will notice that the pictures are all different sizes, that's because i had to crop them one at a time since i was using one of my new backgrounds which isn't as wide as the frame of my camera, but i think they came out perfectly colorful and pretty, i hope you guys think so too! :) I really want to thank Chris for sending me this awesome backdrop set, it really is amazing and i love it, thank you!
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