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10,771 5.0
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hermes_88 Jan 26 2018
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Great angles, great editing, great pacing.
I couldn't say anything negative about this even if I wanted to. There's already so little for me to criticize about Lexi herself, but here everything shines. I don't see a way anyone could be left wanting when watching this.

barney1987 Oct 13 2016
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Great plug goes with the video nicely. Good tease with a great ending.

mkx6000 Sep 11 2016
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More sexy Playboy bunny than easter bunny, but great video of Lexi masturbating with a hareless pussy and cotton-tale plug.

A 1080p HD video of me, with an Easter Bunny theme. This video is over 14 minutes long, includes teasing, edging, nudity, anal play/plug, and an orgasm!