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Amy Day

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5,581 5.0
10:29 min - Jun 29 - .MP4 - 961.43 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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durtdawg Dec 23

Hi Amy.  I just purchased this as well, can I get the links too?  Thx.

kaibosh Aug 13 2016

Does this one come with the links?  Please someone let me know ASAP..

Amy Day Oct 19 2017

Just send me a PM after you purchase I and I will send the additional links ASAP :x

durtdawg Dec 23

Amy I just purchased this video as well, can you please PM the links?  Thanks!

km2177Bolts Dec 5 2017
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All the videos are hot also good value by getting the bonus videos

kaibosh Aug 17 2016
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Oh yes this one was well worth my time and money first of all she responded me right after i bought it messaged her and the bonus videos are amazing HD and I'll admit I was busy with all of them. Hopefully she will get more BBC in the future she looKS amazing taking them and Thanks Amy hope we get to see more BBC taking!

yorktown_33 - Top reviewer Jul 21 2016
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I bought this hot video so that I could get the bonus footage and because I just love watching this beautiful big titted MILF take some black cock. She is sexy with a great body, gorgeous face and has unmatched skills in the bedroom.

skyblue93 deleted Jul 5 2016
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Enjoyed the scenes, can't wait for more to come :)

Acting like a good little slut having 5 guys at show up at my hotel room door over 2 nights. 4 of the guys that showed up were pre-arranged, then of course I had a few no-shows so I went hunting and found an extra at the hotel bar (he's the one I "called it" a night and had leave in the vid... should've known!). This is a 10 min video of a compilation of the 5 guys. All videos were shot with a webcam on my computer so they're more of a voyeur angle and some of which were in 4:3 mode, it does end with a decent viewable cumshot from one of the better guys. BONUS: I do have an hour and a half+ of total footage from the individual videos that I will give links to for anyone that purchases this video and asks