Rub Panties Until Squirt

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361 5.0
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SatinW0lf - Top reviewer Aug 2 2016
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amazing! i love spandex panties at the best of times, but being squirted & soaked, wow. <3 10000stars!

Immediately you see me rubbing myself through my purple spandex panties, When I remove my hand, you can already see a nice wet spot forming. I go back to rubbing hard and fast until I gush. I swear the first two gushes, you can see some pussy juice shoot through panties. I eventually get on my knees and rub until squirt drips below me. I slap that clit a few times just to increase the sensitivity and intensify the orgasms as I squirt on all fours as well. You can see how soak those panties are with the ass. Lastly I go back to knees, and grind hips against hand, until I am drained dry. Those panties are drenched at the end!