Lucy Confronts Her Daddy About An Heir

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Lana Rain

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Alexo88 Jul 23 2016


Makucum Jul 12 2016

I wish it was me you were jumping on

Doguemastiff Jul 1 2016

Was the first to get this I am sure :)

Victor Mastigos Aug 20 2016
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Beautiful actress, hot theme and well composed. Worth!

Doguemastiff - Top reviewer Jul 1 2016
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So.... This is lanas first daddy role-play video. Really good dialogue and subtitles in her inner thoughts. The angels are really well done, and the 3nd camera is an added bonus. Now you can she her beautiful and her beautiful pussy and ass. :) Also. I urge anyone that buys this video to please read the text that comes up at the end of the video. Lana works really hard on these videos, and many people need to understand

This was only the beginning for Lana. Lets keep this ball going by showing our support.

Liltasty28 - Top reviewer Aug 13 2016
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I love it!! A lot of sexy moans, everyone needs to purchase this video

trock230 - Top reviewer Aug 10 2016
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You can tell a lot of effort was put into this. I was on the fence whether to by this one or her Asuna one but i am very happy with this purchase!

Lana Rain Aug 20 2016

Personally the Asuna one is one of my all time fav A-Tiers. I wasnt as happy about this one as Asuna.

Sougo Okita - Top reviewer Jul 14 2016
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Awesome vid. Really enjoyed it.

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If you like Fairy Tail or just want to hear the beautiful Lana Rain moan for her Daddy while serving his cock, this is definitely the video for you.

wjjmedic deleted Feb 24
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This video is as close to perfection as you could ask. My only suggestion for improvement would have been if she had shown more of her body (I'm a navel guy) and sooner.

blueman28 - Top reviewer May 2 2017
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I was sad when the anime ended, but glad to come across this. It takes quite a perverted turn from the anime, but I still thought was great fun to watch.

SpitFire713 Apr 26 2017
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Absolutely amazing. This was my first buy and I am so glad it was because it was perfect. It got me "fired up" lol I reccomend this to everyone.

Brosef91 Feb 19 2017
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Amazing video, highly recommend

Jzerosk - Top reviewer Dec 3 2016
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I wanted this video for a long time and I'm so happy to have it now. Wonderful angles and beautiful sounds.

Assholathotekkkh Oct 14 2016
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Though I've never seen Fairy Tail, this video is up there with the other A-Tiers in terms of arousal, camera quality, lighting and the overall plot.

KiraNightray Oct 9 2016
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Awesome, can see how much effort she puts in for it. The whole video shows her hard work and her sexy video is tempting me so much!

Gerras deleted Oct 4 2016
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Great vid. Has humor and eroticism galore. My only complaimt is some of the text went by too fast for me to read. If you aren't familiar with Fairy Tale, Lana does a good job summarizing the basic plot. 100/10 (Kirowan)

evilbetty Aug 30 2016
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Excellent video, and well worth your time and moneys.

Souleater20 Jul 10 2016
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the hard work shows in how well the video is put together. she always seems to out do her self with every video that she make. So there is always something new to look forward to this makes her videos worth it to buy.

[A-Tier][Plot][POV] In an alternate timeline of episode 51 of the Fairy Tail series, Lucy confronts her father concerning her arranged marriage as well as his desire to have a grandson for a heir to the family name. Lucy has a plan of her own on how to fulfill that.