Lets Cum Together JOI GFE

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12,534 5.0
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coach20 Jan 28
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Damn..... that was INCREDIBLE!! That is the first JOI video that has actually got me right on the mark!! Most of them I either cum too early through boredom or I have to finish off after because it didn’t get me worked up enough.. but this one!!!!! Right at the moment she said the number 1, BAMM I exploded haha.

Lexi you never fail to amaze me, I used to be a massive fan of yours on chaturbate but you vanished

Atomb83 - Top reviewer Apr 29
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Glad i bought this. Wasnt too sure how it would go but its great

Shaman2216 - Top reviewer Dec 25 2017
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This audio video is great. Her voice and cadence are amazing. She only made 3 and all of them are better than 90% of the vids with a movie to go with it. Should definitely pick up if you like British joi vids.

barney1987 Oct 13 2016
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Lexi has a great sexy and soothing voice which makes it feel likes she is right there in the room with you. Would recommend this JOI to anyone, trust me you wont be disappointed.

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted - Top reviewer Jan 30 2017
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Sweetly proscriptive and specific!

Luna4Lexi Jul 2 2016
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Holy Shit.... that is Awesome !!! Lexi has such a sweet & sexy voice.. I could listen to it forever. It was very well thought out and very well done. She really does make it seem like she is right there, it was so enjoyable.. I would Highly Highly Recommend this to anyone & everyone.. you can't go wrong with Lexi !!

Uberlover Jul 1 2016
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Just when you think you know what excitement and arousal is, you lend an ear to this JOI. Which you should. Because it may teach you a thing or two about just how horny you can get. Lexi's soothing and sexy voice paints a picture better than any current video camera is able to, and she clearly demonstrates what a set of particular skills she's got in that tool box labeled "tease".

(Audio only - GFE + JOI) Your girlfriend has been practicing her jerk off instructions while you’ve been working away. And I can’t wait to show you! I call you on Skype, so I can share my new hobby with you. I tell you what to do, and try to start off serious, instructing you, but I can’t resist touching myself and describing it to you throughout. Eventually, I count us both down to orgasm so that we can cum together.