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WEDDING Sex Tape Super Hot Asian Couple

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That Fucker Aug 12 2016

Why are you charging $70 for an 8 minute video? I've seen entire porn movies with extremely well-known and way hotter actresses that don't even cost half of that. What makes you think people are gonna spend THAT much for online porn in 2016?

NovaPatra Aug 22 2016

Oh they do - I've sold many. It's the branding I've put into myself which I can charge such an intimate video at that price.

This is my real sex tape from the day after I got married. This was before I got into camming. This video was never intended for the eyes of the public. Incredibly hot video. You won't find a younger video of me. My tits were huge back then too. Oh yeah and this video was shot in the suite at the Standard Hotel in NYC. People could see us fucking because this hotel's windows are known to be exposed to outsiders because they don't have any tint. Massive cumshot in this video too.