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My Sissy's Dirty Panty Fetish

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This was a custom video, no names are used. "You seductively head to your bed and sit down. You have already selected some lingerie to entice me and wore it beneath your outfit. Sexy lingerie with nylon stockings, matching bra and panties, certainly heels, you know, how to impress... You begin to tease me by slowly undressing, instructing me to take my cock out and admire you. While you're undressing, I find an interest in your intimates collection. You notice and take a lacy pair from the floor, sniffing them, and exclaiming how wonderful they smell. You approach me, hand me a pair and instruct me to put them on. As I do so you begin to remove your panties seductively. You approach me again and wrap my excited cock with your panties and put another pair in my mouth, you don't want the neighbors to hear our fun. You jerk my cock with panties while playing with yourself. Then, you stuff a pair into your mouth before mounting me for a ride. You moan with joy as you ride my shaft up and down. As we fuck you spit the panties out of your mouth and slide them over my cock and continue to fuck, plenty of dirty talk and sissification if you're up for it. As we change positions you put a pair of lacy panties over your face, covering your nose and mouth and continue to dirty talk me. I want you to instruct me to cum on your panties and all over your face. To fill your panties with my cum. After I have completely covered the panties with my cum, you stroke it into them. You then take your cum covered panties off your face and put them on. You tell me I can keep the pair I'm wearing. This video was shot with a professional mirrorless DSLR, lens and microphone in HD 1080p 60fps

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