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Shackled Girl And The Schoolpaddle

656 Views · oct 1, 2020
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I dont care how much shes crying and screaming. Or if the snot runs down her nose. Im gonna beat the silly ideas out of her tiny firm ass. I just want to give her a strict punishment she will never forget. Severe from the beginning. I feel the weight of the wooden school-paddle in my hand. I take measure. And weild it. I want to hear her cry. And her buttocks turn deeply red. And for her to have some days of seat problems. I must assure she does not slip away so I shackle her hands at the stool. I love her being helpless. The clip shows the best of all cameras which were used in this session. Model: Aron, Lili Duration: 11:10 min Spanking Intensity: Hard Twitter: For buying clips, custom clips, or to apply as model, send an E-Mail at (20% off)

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