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Best friend helps you take dick pics

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I barge into your room and think I've caught you jerking off, after a bit of teasing I realise you look upset, I didn't mean to embarrass you! Ohh.. you were taking dick pics?? .... You admit that you sent some and didn't get a response so as your friend I offer to take a look and see what's wrong with them. You have a gorgeous cock but damn dude, TERRIBLE photography skills! I offer to help you take a few to really impress her. After guiding you through some sexy pics I suggest taking some next to my face... which of course leads to pics of me licking and sucking you.. and even some video clips (which hey, if she doesn't like the pics just send her the videos and make her super jealous!!) ... After trying to keep my cool in 'friend' mode I give in and start playing with myself while trying desperately to make you cum in my mouth... which I secretly have been fantasising about all these years

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