Earning My Stars And Stripes! HD

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16,212 5.0
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Okay, before I purchase; what is the name of the song that is playing in the preview?

TW therealpeecee2
TW therealpeecee2 deleted - Top reviewer Sep 22 2016
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That rare thing of a porn video that makes good use of mood music. Teasing and toying with a satisfying creamy finish.

There also seems to be someone or someones trolling Lexi's video reviews with downvotes, so... eh. I'm still reviewing and this is still fucking hot.

aussieandyx Jul 9 2016
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So hot it almost makes me want to become an American!!

boatrider Jul 5 2016
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As always, a super hot and well crafted video from Lexi. It's her first video wearing her glasses and it's a wonderful touch.

Uberlover Jul 4 2016
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Lexi is clearly having fun in front of the camera, and shares a sweet, erotic moment with us viewers. Everything about her, from her glasses, to her hair, to her nails and the way she's dressed, is just plain sexy. She gets beautifully carried away - befitting a day like 4th of July, and inspires us viewers to... do some fireworks of our own.

Luna4Lexi Jul 4 2016
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Thanks for making this for your American friends & fans for our July 4th holiday.. That was a classy move,

She looks so cute & sweet in this and the glasses are fantastic.. What a doll !! I liked the music with this and it was soft enough to hear her over the music along with the other sounds. Another fantastic video by an amazing person..

mkx6000 Sep 11 2016
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Really Njoyed this video, America f*ck yeah!, Lexi f*ck yeah!

(1080p HD) A little something for those who celebrate 4th July - and for those who don't! Subtly themed with a USA sweater, I playfully show you my body before getting down to something more pleasurable. I use my Njoy and Couture to orgasm while you watch :)