Dangerous Virus!

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advices; *don't buy this clip if you don't want to spend* *headphones required* ** hello slave, today i'm going to destroy your personality, your soul and i'll drain your wallet. follow my instructions, follow my sensual voice, look at the screen...i'm going to fuck you brain, on your knees! bring your p0ppers and your [***] and get into a deep trance. i want you to stay focused on the talisman, on my movements. obey, worship and serve your divine goddess. i'm going to inject that dangerous virus inside your brain and it makes you so weak...i'm going to reprogram your brain for being my obedient servant. serve me , serve me , serve me and obey me, obey to your one and only superior goddess. #blondes, #femdom pov, #financial domination, #goddess worship, #gothic, #mind fuck, #hyp-robo meditation, #blonde goddess, , #brainwash fantasy,