Kerri King Edging, Humilia tion ETC JOI

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Kerri King

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116 5.0
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longbox Aug 21 2016

I can't wait to watch this clip im so excited.😀😀💦 i get hard just thinking about it.

longbox Aug 25 2016
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If you're a married Japanese guy with a little dick then this is a perfect clip for you, yes perfect especially if you're a KK fan. I wish i could be that guy just for this clip it was amazing. It feels like shes cheating on you if you don't match this guy's description though, great clip none the less and Kerri beautiful as usual.

You don't measure up,literally, yet you still think that you're owed a good jerk session. Don't think for a second that your pleasure is ever a priority of mine. You shame your culture and your wife by showing your weakness for white,spoiled women...and being told how to jerk to us by me. I am the one you think of when you fuck her, and perhaps I should tell her. Being the weird fuck you are, at the mention of me sharing your adultery news, you only get even more turned on by the prospect of me taking more control of your life,mind fucking you even further. Enjoy your stamina session, or pay the cum tax. (*This is from a custom clip order*)