Giantess Wife Eat Secretary 2 Keep Hubby

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The wife of the boss, who is actually a giantess, is holding a tiny person in her fingers. Turns out that the tiny person is her husband's secretary and she has shrunken her down in order to show her who is in control. She knows this little bitch is a homewrecker and is trying to move in on her marriage, but she is not going to let that happen. She tells the secretary that she intends on eating her whole. She will simply swallow her down and rid the world of her. Her husband has no idea what is happening. He thinks his secretary took the day off and when she is gone, the wife giantess says she will simply tell her husband that his secretary quit. She knows the secretary is younger and hotter, but she is a giantess, and she is smarter. She gets more and more sexually excited as the secretary begs and pleads for her life. She then starts to tell the secretary she will fuck herself as the secretary is in her belly, still alive. Over and over again she will cum. She then teases the secretary by licking her and even putting her into her mouth. Finally, she drops her onto her tongue and in a close up view sticks her tongue out with the secretary clinging on for all she is worth. But, it is no use and the giantess swallows hard having the secretary go down into her belly. The wife is very turned on now. She has ridded herself of that pesky homewrecker and can now be assured that her husband, and all his money, belong only to her. She might not be as young as that secretary, but she is the last person anyone should mess with. Included in this clip: Giantess, Homewrecker, Eating, Swallowing, Tongue Fetish, Mouth Fetish, Shrunken Fetish, Wife Shrinks Secretary, Taunting, Licking, Glasses, Eye Glasses, Blonde Giantess, Blondes