Sissy Clitty High Heel SPH and CBT!


Denali Winter

American / San Francisco
25:18 min - Jul 05 - .MP4 - 407.62 MB


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Today, we got to play with a returning favourite, glamorous crossdresser Tammy! Tammy is a classy gal, and loves nylons, makeup, and high heels. But she's also a slut, and loves small penis humiliati0n, heel worship, and being put on display. So Mistress Alice, Mistress Camilla, and I decided to have some fun with her! After Tammy kisses each of our shoes, Alice ties Tammy down to the ground, spreading her slutty legs and exposing her tiny sissy clitty! All of the Dommes take turns comparing their heels to Tammy's little dick, and stomp and squish her poor little package. Alice puts a sparkly pink plug in Tammy's ass, wanting to see if it will make her clitty any bigger. Then she ties up Tammy's balls, which are also so, so tiny! Tammy is in a heel-worshipping humiliated headspace the ENTIRE time, humping up into her captors' heels even when she is being trampled hard! This is a very high-heel centered small penis humiliati0n video with a sissy twist! This video is in 1080P HD video!