Me Honesty fetish fuck fest!


Jessica Jensen

British / London
25:23 min - Jul 05 - .WMV - 237.10 MB


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Really hot scene with one of my faves to work with, Honesty Callario...... Here we make full e of each other's tight young bodies. The scene begins with Honesty tying me to a chair in my hotel room. She punishes me by restraining me and tipping the char over so that I am totally helpless. As a reward for not attempting to escape, she then brings me to a shattering orgasm with her huge wand. In the second half, the tables are turned as I catch Honesty playing with herself on my bed- I know she is really kinky so I use my electric wand on her, teasing every part of her body with sharp but pleasurable jolts of electricity. She loves it and soon I am also experimenting with it- I have never used an electric stick before and soon I get into the swing of it and Honesty is swirling it all over my body.... We both cum one after the other (Real orgasms). The scene concludes with me hogtying Honesty in chains and teasing her body some more! Very hot scene for all you fetish lovers!