Lana Rain Legacy Compilation Vol 1

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Lana Rain

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66,703 5.0
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bakajin Jul 18 2016

I prefer chubbier Lana

Doguemastiff Jul 5 2016

Just bough. Time to see younger lana again :)

Doguemastiff - Top reviewer Jul 5 2016
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Ok. Not a review because this is a 2 hour+ video. This will be more of a story from Doguemastiff.

I was not there when Lana first started camming. I joined around March 2015. About 1 year and 5 months after she started. After 1 year and 4 months at the time this was posted of following Lana, I can definitely see how she put soo much effort into being a better cam model. She went through fun times and hard times as she started camming, and now she has a ton of fans that follow here, and has released a lot of content for her fans.

This video is basically taking a look into the past of how Lana started, and I think its a wonderful idea. We get to see how she started out compared to how she is today. A model who spends a lot of time and effort trying her best to give her fans entertainment. Going form MFC to Chaturbate, to Twitch, and back to MFC, and back to Manyvids. Now Lana (at this point) is the number 1 MV Girl here thanks to all the support of her fans.

I may not have been there at the beginning, but I am glad to know someone who has a lot of ambitions to be the best she can be, and connect with her fans. Lana, I love and I glad I got to know you as well. A really special friend who grew thorough her 2 and a half years of camming :)

Souleater20 Jul 28 2016
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I did not know you at the time of all the videos shown but from what i have see i would of followed you even then. it is amazing to see how far you have come. Im so happy that i got this video so i can see you back then and to see how you started out made me appreciate the content that you make and the show you do this is why i picked you to follow.
Forever and Always you Fan Soul.

Infamous_czar - Top reviewer Jul 12 2016
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I can honestly say I never knew Lana back in these days but my lord am I happy to know her now! She's come a long way and been a very inspirational person for anyone who wants to succeed! Thanks for all the amazing work Lana keep it up! You are gonna want to pick up this video for sure, you can see her in her beginning days compared to now even back then she was amazing! The length of this video is also a great deal for what you are getting, wether you are meeting Lana for the first time or a long time fan I'm sure you will be pleased with this video do her and yourself a favour and buy it up now!

waynebruce15 deleted Dec 10 2016
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Great job Lana I really enjoyed watching your work from before I knew you

[A-Tier][No-Plot][Compilation] This is a compilation of 12 videos from my ABSOLUTE EARLIEST days of becoming a cam model. I won't say this isn't embarrassing to share but I feel like one should embrace where they started to fully appreciate where you are today. This video contains bad makeup, bad lighting, low resolution, a chubbier Lana Rain, a shyer Lana Rain, a LOLI Lana Rain haha.