Beautiful Agony

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4,165 5.0
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Shadow_ovo - Top reviewer May 17
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Eye contact, cute moans, and orgasms are the things i love about Beautiful Agony videos, and this is the video that has it! Definitely worth the buy! The recording quality, the lighting, her looks... Everything is perfect!

GrumpyOldSOB Jan 14 2018
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This is my first review of a video but, as a huge fan of facial expressions and sound effects, I thought it would be appropraite to tell you what I thought of this video.

For those who may not know the type of video this is, a Beautiful Agony video can be an acquired taste. You will not see any penetration. In fact, you won't see the vagina at all. The video is just under eight minutes long and for a good six minutes of it, you will see just her face and sometimes her breasts.

The video starts with Bailey on the bed, wearing a black one piece with a deep v-cut that she immediately spreads open to show her breasts.

Bailey Boobies.

She spends a minute rubbing and playing with her breasts and then turns and pulls the croth covering up to show her butt.

Bailey Booty.

Another 30 to 40 seconds of wiggling, bouncing, booty popping and generally teasing the audience with her butt.

Then she moves onto her back where she will remain the rest of the video.

A shot of her full body lying down and then the camera moves up to focus on her face the rest of the video.

Her right hand is below camera view, assuming to pleasure herself with, and the Beautiful Agony begins.

And, being how Bailey has such a beautiful face to begin with, she certainly puts the Beautiful into Beautiful Agony.

One shot in particular that I found to be a serious turn on was when she tilted her head back a bit, her eyes were closed, lips parted, top teeth visible.

That was one of the sexiest facial expressions I have ever seen.

This goes on for about six minutes until she, I am assuming, reached climax. She ends the video blowing a kiss and then fade to black.

A few details I appreciated about this video.

No annoying porn music. Thank you for that! Nothing can ruin a sexy video more than that irritating music drowning out the moans and sighs of the girl pleasuring herself. Absolute applause for whoever is responsible for editing the video for not adding that to it. A million times thank you.

Bailey, at least for me, keeps the gasps and moans at an even keel without annoying screaming. Some people are into loud screaming and that's all good but that just isn't my thing and I was, personally, very happy that she wasn't so loud as to become obnoxious. She kept me turned on through the entire video.

Another thing I really liked is to watch her left hand, sometimes fingers curled up towards the ceiling, sometimes gripping her pillow and other times rubbing her breasts to add a little more life to what she was doing.

And one other thing I find sexy as hell. Her little overbite with her front teeth. Adds so much more to her facial expressions and really turned me on!

I understand that this video would not be for everybody. But, if your motor gets running with sexy moans and facial expressions, then plug this video into your ignition switch and get ready to be revved up!

Mark Liam
Mark Liam deleted - Top reviewer Feb 10 2017
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Bailey's outfit and accessories are very sexy. The close-up in this vid is absolutely beautiful.

meat2992 - Top reviewer Jul 19 2016
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Something a little different, but still very satisfying.
Shows of her body in a very sexy outfit, before getting to business. You getting closer to her as she approaches her orgasm. Concentrating on her face and expressions as she cums.
Great vid

I have a little bit of help during this video. I pleasure myself but you're only allowed to see my face and occasionally my breasts. Something that makes this video extra interesting is the fact that someone was inches away from my body while I have an orgasm. This was a definitely a first for me!
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