Ebony Milani wetting her tight jeans



Canadian / Las Vegas
9:49 min - Jul 06 - .WMV - 309.78 MB


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Cute ebony Milani is 22 and also very desperate to pee, stumblimg home in very high patent heels and skin tight jeans that show off all her curves & gives her a nice cameltoe too! Her desperation is very believable because it's revealed in the Behind The Scenes part that she was at a desperate level 10 & didn't tell me because she was too shy! It's very apparent how bad she had to pee judging from how much pee came out, soaked both legs of her tight jeans & filled BOTH high heels (which she poured out) and made a gigantic puddle on the ground. Even though the ground is a tan color you can clearly see how yellow her pee is against it! That's how bad she had to pee. She's wearing pink cotton VS boyshort panties underneath. She's a very cute girl and did the desperation just perfectly. She starts wetting her jeans with both legs closed, very natural and sexy. There was just so much pee it was EPIC!! Hope you love this female pee desperation & jeans wetting cl