Penetrating Your Secret

594 5.0

Lindsey Leigh

American / Colorado
594 5.0
20:59 min - Jul 06 - .MP4 - 254.97 MB - 1280x720 HD


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The Goddess, the concept and the setting all make this clip the perfect work of art that every sub should own!

This must be quite the site for you. Take it in, this is where you belong. As your addiction to me grows so does your submission. Come closer..I know just how to make you weak don't I? I know how to penetrate your inner secrets and release them. You know goddess possesses both beauty and brain, I know your dirty little secret. You would do anything to please me. Its the truth. Come even closer.. I want to share a cock with you. *Pull out double sided dildo* I want to share this cock with you. You on one end, me on the other, enjoying the feel of a dick in our mouths. Open, lets practice. Look me right in the eye, this is where I want you. This is how I want you to submit to me, nod your head. Good boy. Open even deeper, let me hear you ch*ke for me. This feels good doesn't it? Opening up, weakening, having your mind completely bent to please me. I want this to be erotic for you, feel your cock throb? Touch him to my command.. you are a cock sucker for me now, here to please me in any way you can. Nod your head.