Freebie Tuesday

Girl Girl Foot Play


Anika Snow

American / Candyland
28:46 min - Jul 24 - .MP4 - 646.24 MB


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Anika and her Girlfriend fight over money until Anika knocks her out. Once Anika knows she out cold she starts playing with Kelly's limp body. Releasing she might not get another chance, Anika Snow decides to worhsip her friends feet. Anika picks up Kelly’s Legs and rest her dirty, well-worn Nike’s in her lap. She runs her finger nails over the sneakers filthy soles before pulling Kelly’s pants up to show off Kelly’s Pink & White stripped knee socks. Anika pulls the socks down around Kelly’s ankles enjoying her smooth tan calves before pulling her socks up again. Anika does this a few times before deciding to take off Kelly’s shoes. Anika smells Kelly’s shoes & socks & rubs Kelly’s stocking covered feet. Lastly she pulls off Kelly’s socks to enjoy Kelly’s naked soles. Not wanting Kelly’s feet to have all the fun, she slips off her own shoes and socks to compare the smell, shape & feel of their feet.