Freebie Tuesday

Fully Improvised Tipsy Jazz

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American / NYC
227 5.0
5:47 min - Jul 06 - .MOV - 32.25 MB - 480x480
KittyTease deleted - Top reviewer Jul 9 2016
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you are so talented!

MountainDog Jul 6 2016
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Doing your best Ella impression, or is it Billie? They both liked to get a little lit too, I hear.

Thanks for putting it out there!

erincarroll Jul 6 2016

Erin+Billie! Haha. My actual Billie impersonation is pretty spot on!

xoTKxo Mar 29
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Yknow, it's funny how different you look when tipsy :P <3

browndogie Apr 27 2017
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peecee2 - Top reviewer Sep 21 2016
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It's amazing that this is improv, and it'd be cool to see material released on Bandcamp or similar. :)

ChildeDeschain Jul 11 2016
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I adore the way your thoughts work. I kept wanting urge you on further before your song went onto a new tangent. But that would take an entire night of drinking and singing to cover everything.

Jzerosk deleted - Top reviewer Jul 6 2016
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Very beautiful. You've got a wonderful voice. You should definitely make more like this.

My friend from Chicago is a concert pianist; back in January we got blitzed and he played while I sang. We both made everything up as we went. It was an amazing jam session.
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