Flawed Stockings- Flawed Slaves

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Our relationship is a lot like a sexy pair of fishnet stockings. Initially I like them. They’re new, they’re fun, they do things for my legs. Then a few days or weeks, moths or even years go by and they’re not new anymore. They stop looking quite as nice and doing what they’re suppose to. I get newer, hotter, sexier stockings. The old ones just don’t treat me as well as they used to and one day I even notice that they have a hole in them. There’s the initial shock and disappointment, but that really only lasts for a few seconds before I decide, just like all flawed stockings, they must be cut off, ripped up, destroyed and thrown away. I have so many pairs of stockings and I can always get more. Stockings are replaceable; they’re expendable. Just. Like. You.