Cum With Me

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3,806 5.0
8:34 min - Jul 07 - .MOV - 1.23 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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adrax3 Aug 21 2016

You are extremely beautiful on your own, but you also vaguely remind me of the character Rep. Jackie Sharp (played by Molly Parker) from House of Cards, so there's that!

tigerspider deleted - Top reviewer Aug 1 2016
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Love this vid. Bailee is such a natural beauty and the performance is very erotic. TBH, there's a bit too much of the feet for my tastes, but that doesn't do anything to tarnish a very hot and sensual HD vid with an extremely sexy young lady with perfect breasts, abs, things, skin, hair, lady fur .. well, everything. Stunning! I like the camera angles, framing and clear videography. My other BB vids are more "soft focus". I prefer fingers to toys and seeing Bailee's breasts and abdomen and glorious bush so I like the middle better than the clear dildo on side ending, but her climaxes are fabulous in any position. Bravo.

Grandducmv Aug 22 2016
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Sensuality and sexiness combined. Bailee <3

adrax3 - Top reviewer Aug 21 2016
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Everything about Bailee screams (or softly moans) sensuality, from her pretty face and smile to her hair, body, and well-pedicured toes. The leg warmers are a nice touch too. This video is as intimate as it gets.

chiloco Aug 9 2016
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This was awesome! I'm sure you can spend happy time.
I love her face too so this was really good buy for me.

curs0n Jul 10 2016
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As nice as expected and more. The video is extremely nicely done, and Bailee is as gorgeous as they come (pun intended!). Highly recommended, especially if you have a soft spot for beautiful feet ;)

xerophix Jul 8 2016
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Bailee is one of the most beautiful creatures on this planet but I am not even sure she belongs here. This video is sheer perfection. It was a great quality and I would recommend it for anyone that can't seem to get enough of her like I can't. ;) Don't hesitate, you'll not regret it.

milkfred - Top reviewer Oct 9 2016
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lovely feet and love to see ur enjoy facial. hope to se ur face close up, watch ur eyes and feel ur soft lips n maybe a naughty tongue

tech85 Oct 8 2016
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Beautiful girl here man. She really does a great job of bringing you in with her eyes. Pretty feet too. She has that pointing your toes thing down too. You'll love this video i know i did.

joshuaidle deleted Sep 30 2016
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<3 <3 <3

jarya5 - Top reviewer Oct 15 2016
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Fucking hot video from Bailee here! I absolutely loved watching her play in her panties and then dangle them from her pretty feet. It's so great watching her finger herself to orgasm and then lick her cum off her fingers. And then again as she fucks herself with her clear dildo.

AlexS79 - Top reviewer Oct 25 2016
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This is one of my favourite videos from Bailee. I love how erotic and sexy she is. <3 It's allways a big pleasure to see her perfect and sexy body. In this video she touched herself with her fingers and used a glass dildo. At the end I was so horny....

ethan42mv - Top reviewer May 7 2017
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What a wonderful sensual and awesome clip. Her expression is so cute, her feet and esp. toes so beautiful and her pussy so delicious! Love this vid.

Leexbrian Jun 6 2017
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You are my fantasy. I love everything about this. The way her toes curl up when she's masturbating, the leg warmers, her facial expressions...perfect!

turkesh - Top reviewer Sep 13
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Sexy and beautifully shot video! Natural beauty! Love the toesies as well :)

1080HD | I tease myself in front of you with my fingers until I reach my first climax, giving you a good view of the action, my facial expressions and even my wiggly toes. Next, I use a clear dildo while laying on my side until I come to a moaning orgasm. I may even sneak in another quick cum right at the very end to make sure I’m as wet as I can be for you.