Chair Ride2 All Oiled Up

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Alexa Pearl

American / USA
1,367 5.0
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Vidsjoy Feb 6 2017
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Nothing short of breathtaking yet would be even hotter if Alexa squatted it on a chair in a straddling position with the back to our viewing pleasure & enjoyment. No doubt you are uniquely qualified to be considered a "Stroker's delight" Incredible bliss of unimaginable proportions. Such a flirty teaser & sexually stimulating pleaser is really difficult to acquire much less enjoy it personally. Fabulous!!!

slypeek - Top reviewer Jul 18 2016
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Alexa knows just how to please her fans and give them exactly what they want with interest. A lovely show of rubbing oil all over her toned body starts off the vid before she starts using her hands and switching to her new big dildo. A great vid with some very enjoyable scenes and hot close ups of the action.

skooter2k5 - Top reviewer Jul 8 2016
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MMMMM. That body. Great vid.

LoveSweetkiss_69 deleted - Top reviewer Sep 10 2017
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Omg babe you're a HOT MILF ,all naked sitting in your chair showing your fully oiled beautiful tanned body teasing and fingering your yearning pussy!Let us show how intense you fuck that dildo is so horny to watch!!Love that ass working so hard and your screams is...have to work myself now!!Thanks Alexa,5 stars guys!!!!

Basthuum Jun 9 2017
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Alexa has a super hot body at the best of times however oil tends to enhance that, in this video Alexa is fully oiled as seen in the preview & that turns the hotness of this video up even further. Alexa is great at riding a dildo & it's tantalizingly hot to watch her all oiled up riding a fat dildo, if you're a fan of dildo fucking/riding then you'll absolutely love this video, it's a must have if you're in to that at all. Fantastic vid!

danny155 - Top reviewer Feb 7 2017
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Manyvids....please give us an option for more than 5 stars for Alexa!!!....AMAZING LADY!!!

MARKGT3 - Top reviewer Feb 4 2017
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wowwww great video*****

jeffkatie916 Nov 30 2016
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Alexa shows off her off the charts body and simply fucks the shit out of a big dildo like it's no bodies business. Amazing quality Alexa always makes you feel like u are right there with her in the thick of her pure sensuality ! Get this vid Alexa never ever disappoints!

vagabondx2 Aug 28 2016
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Love this vid. Love seeing that beautiful body and gorgeous lush pussy so dripping wet!

Sweatyflowercolor - Top reviewer Jul 19 2016
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Great video by Alexa!

zanith999 Jul 15 2016
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Yet another hot ride from this sexy milf!!

bjornez40 - Top reviewer Jul 7 2016
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One more great vid with gorgeous Alexa & this time shes back on the chair. I love it when Alexa riding & fucking her dildos.
Awsome video!!!!

Alexa Pearl Jul 7 2016

Thank you bjornez:x:x:x:A

Because many of you loved my first chair ride so much here is Chair Ride 2 with another one of my favorite dildos. This time I rub myself with oil and tease you a little, finger myself a little then slip onto my new favorite fat dildo! A few different views and closeups as well. Intense orgasm