Big Beautiful Balls


Kendra Sinclaire

American / Seattle, WA
13:58 min - Jul 08 - .MP4 - 435.93 MB - 1280x720 HD


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Huge and beautiful and balls

I heard a little secret about you... somebody told me that you really love balls. I'm not talking about bouncy or softballs or anything like that... I think you've got the idea. Somebody told me that you really love Kendra Sinclaire's balls. So I've decided to do a special video for you. In this video I get really hard, showing off my balls from every angle, getting good closeups of their beauty in a well lit room. I get super hard as I stroke and decide to add some oil for some shine and extra pleasure to my balls and cock. After stroking for so long, it's too much and I blow a nice load while the camera watches from a low angle, capturing a closeup of my nuts and cock while I cum, with my pretty face in the background.