Couch time

937 5.0


937 5.0
15:12 min - Jul 08 - .MOV - 308.44 MB


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mecho11 - Top reviewer Jan 20 2017
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Dressed in a collar and necktie, this Kitty purrs to satisfaction. Well don3.

rosaluxemburg - Top reviewer Nov 21 2016
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playful and stunningly gorgeous

mechant2001 - Top reviewer Jul 16 2016
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Another very good show by NerdKitty! The dancing striptease is just awesome (you got to see her other dancing videos - for some reason, she succeeds in being amazingly sexy, cute, and fun at the same time!! Her cosplays are always perfect too!), but wait! The masturbation part is equally good: it is a real pleasure to watch her gently fucking herself with her lelo vibe, going slower or faster, or stopping (this makes you the witness of how her pleasure builds up, echoing with your own), and rubbing her clitoris. The feeling of this being for real almost gives the video a voyeur quality. If you look closely, you can see her pussy pulsing at the first orgasm. At the end, she pulls her vibrator from her pussy very slowly, tasting the moment, and once she removes it, white, creamy cum lazily oozes from her pussy (she does not see it). This video is another little masterpiece by NerdKitty. Highly recommended, even though it is 480p.

This is an older video. In the beginning I dance and slowly strip down my clothes, naughty time has come and I use my green lelo vibe to make myself cum