Creamy BBC Ride Black Friday Special

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Alexa Pearl

American / USA
2,963 5.0
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Vidsjoy May 8 2017

You were super horny making this one and it was very :@ & -p- Your  creaming:pussy: & :yesbaby-12: on that  :bbc: is pure delight for the horny eyes. ;):facial::cumming::yesbaby-2::):@(Y))

Darkness1982 Nov 9 2016

You can always use me just saying ;)

lenny_123 deleted Aug 14 2016
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Alexa gives us the sexiest view possible of her ass as she stretches her pussy out with a giant BBC! Stunning!

slypeek - Top reviewer Jul 18 2016
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A very sexy 13 min video of watching Alexa ride her BBC dildo on a mirror before eagerly finishing herself off. Some great positions and close ups, show the creamy goodness Alexa has made on her dildo.

Vidsjoy May 8 2017
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Alexa's pussy has that insatiable hunger for riding hard whatever she's in the mood of & this lucky BBC dong is no xxxception. If it only could have feelings recognizing how much Alexa loves it? The sexiest creaming naughty pussy alive!!! Love it Alexa. Greatest desiring inviter to Alexa's private party ever.

incognito323 Apr 12 2017
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Hot blonde Alexa mounts BBC dildo on long mirror on floor and rides reverse-cowgirl to first of several hard cums…fabulous mirror visuals throughout and great camera positioning.
Superb close-up floor action, rides up and down on BBC dildo to multiple vocal creamy O's. Takes every inch and stretched to the max…grinds on base, omfg…did I mention awesome mirror visuals…so wet and turned on…switch to cowgirl and show off tight perfect ass while bouncing up and down, very creamy riding and moaning and cumming.

Another terrific high-energy performance by Alexa. Spectacular!

RichardCheese96 Jan 29 2017
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Sensational! Incredible and intense riding from start to finish. You just can't go wrong with getting this one.

danny155 - Top reviewer Jan 28 2017
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A must have!!!!!.....incredible as always....Alexa is one in a billion!!!!

SchwayMan Dec 8 2016
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I always love it when its clear that a woman is genuinely enjoying herself which is why I loved watching Alexa Pearl! The highlights of this video has to be the super sexy moaning sounds she makes when she's riding the BBC dildo and how creamy she gets when she's deep into it. She's not going over-the-top with her performance which is why I enjoyed it and she gets extra points for sneaking in 2 orgasms at the end! Not to mention that at the beginning of the video of her massaging her perfect breasts made me super attentive to what she wanted to to do next. So if you're thinking of buying this video, then I say don't hesitate and just do it! You will not regret it and you'll probably want more to see more.

Sweatyflowercolor - Top reviewer Jul 26 2016
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Another fan-tastic pussy stretching Alexa video!

bjornez40 - Top reviewer Jul 9 2016
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Alexa rides her BBC dildo & this is maybe her creamiest vid so far.
Sexy MILF Alexa at her very best. Great vid

LoveSweetkiss_69 deleted - Top reviewer Sep 6 2017
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Oh babe that's a horny view,riding that BBC with your naked beautiful tanned body,HOOOOOTTTTTTT!!!Thanks Alexa Pearl!5 Stars again!

skooter2k5 - Top reviewer Jun 30 2017
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You ride that dick girl. great vid. as always

I come in from the pool in my bikini. I have been day dreaming about riding my BBC dildo. I play with my boobs some and then get out my BBC dildo and ride reverse cowgirl and then ride more. I get super close and very creamy and finally get off, lay back and finish myself. I cum twice! its over 13 minutes long