Arielle Lane Caught In The Act

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Scott is working on Arielle's car and she is left to her own devices in the front of the store. She takes this opportunity to go behind the counter and steal the cash out of the register. Little does she know that the security cameras have caught everything as she stuffs the money down her blouse. Arielle denies any wrong doing but the footage proves otherwise. She says she should just go, but Scott has other plans. He suggests that she take her shoes off which she finds strange. She balks when he orders her to take her shiny blouse off. The threat of the cops makes her a bit more compliant. When she hesitates, Scott offers to take it off of her which is less appealing. There is a chance that she has hidden the money in her lingerie, so she has to take it off as well. Her hands do a poor job of covering her private parts but he needs to see if there is cash in any hidden crevices. Arielle has to put her hands up and out and turn in a circle. Jumping jacks insure that the money will fall out of secret hiding places. Scott orders her to leave without her clothes and bans her from the store. Her discomfort is on record and he will make the footage available if she tries to tell anyone