Labour Blackmail


Danielle Maye XXX

British / London
6:20 min - Jul 11 - .WMV - 471.91 MB - 1920x1080 HD

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i hope you don't think you're hanging around for the birth of your spawn we've discussed this your nothing but a paypig to me and this baby. To the world you are the loving husband, doting father.. to us your just here to fund us. Go to work, you're in the spare room and don't acknowledge us without consent. Ouch shit the contractions are getting stronger.. why are you still here! Leave Loser Don't tell me...oh god my contractions are turning you on aren't they! Just another fetish to add to the long list of things that make you weak! Well if you want to hang around..ouch ouch ouch! Its going to cost you, if i have to endure all this pain and see your pathetic face t the same time.. your going to need to open up your bank account! This Mummy is going to want a huge 'pushing present' in the way of 'daddies' hard earned cash!! Danielle Maye xXx