Self Shot Cunt Rubbing

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American / Ohio
2,608 5.0
7:13 min - Jul 09 - .AVI - 335.44 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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TWAY2268 - Top reviewer Feb 15 2017
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Ryden looks sexy from the start in her tank top and jean shorts, stripping them up and off after a little breast tease to reveal her boxer briefs. She moves the camera close to her pussy as she begins rubbing herself in her underwear, before taking them off as well. The close-up view remains for the rest of the video for an intimate masturbation session, with occasional face and body shots. Ryden angles the camera in most of the shots to capture both her body and her mouth, which makes the handheld aspect of it even hotter.

yourpointofview Jul 19 2016
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Ryden does it again. Amazing.

If you're looking for some amazing amateur soloing, this is an amazing little video. Some beautiful close up shots & little pussy spreading.

This angle is body focused, but most the time you can see Ryden's little mouth open & quivering as she rubs herself.

After a long walk, Ryden settles down in bed and decides to shoot a personal video for you. She shows off her body, and rubs her cunt all for your viewing pleasure.