She maid me do it

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714 4.0
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tactical - Top reviewer Jul 24 2016
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Starts out with a BJ, followed by her hopping on the bed in doggie to get her thong removed. Great look at her ass, followed by her getting fucked in this position a bit. They move into mish, with the camera spinning around to capture the action. She pretty much keeps her maid outfit on the whole time as he upholds his end of the bargain and blows his load into her pussy, of which we get a nice view of in the end.

Things I liked included hopping straight into it, I really dislike porn videos that try to stretch the dialogue out when all we want to see is somebody getting fucked. I also liked the creampie, which in my opinion is the only way to end a fucking. I get that the whole point of the vid is the maid thing, but I would have liked to see her take her clothes off at some point, and the lighting could have been done a bit better. Other than that, a pretty good value and worth the buy.

I ran out of towels at my hotel room and asked for some to be brought up. The maid was lookin good so I "accidentally" dropped the towel I had on. Thats the only cue this little slut needed. Next thing I know shes all over my cock like white on rice. I fuck her for a while before blowing my load inside her.