Deployed Airbag and Seat Belt Save Her

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A hot blonde is in her car and looks to be out of it. She is not moving and the airbag is fully deployed. She is starting to come to and is wondering aloud what has happened. She suddenly realizes that she has been in a car accident. She then remembers that she saw a car pull out in front of her from nowhere and she hit the brakes hard, but is figuring out that she hit that car. With the weather bad and rain seen out her windows it is no wonder she could not stop in time. She is then hit with some pain as she talks about her chest hurting from the seat belt holding her in and her head hurting too from the airbag. But, while she is in pain, she is also extremely grateful that she is alive and praises her airbag and seat belt for saving her. She talks about waning to keep the airbag for a memento and even strokes and rubs it, putting her head against it in appreciation. She knows too well that without her seat belt and her airbag, she would have likely been a goner. She now has to wait for the cops to come so she can get out of the car, but she is so grateful for her airbag and seat belt. Next time she will be much more careful, but she will always feel a sense of security thanks to her wonderful airbag and seat belt. Included in this clip: Seat Belt Fetish, Airbag Fetish, Deployed Airbag, Driving in Car, Accident, Car Accident, Airbag and Seat Belt, Blondes