Mistress Spanks Two Bad Petgirls


Denali Winter

American / San Francisco
15:36 min - Jul 10 - .MP4 - 250.65 MB


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Petgirls Dolly Leigh and Bambi Belle are at it again! This time Dolly, a kitty, is hissing and fighting over a toy with puppy Bambi. Mistress Denali has to come in and teach them a lesson! Each pet gets their arms tied behind their backs. They have to take turns being cropped on the butt and spanked by their Mistress! Mistress Denali has given them each quite a spanking now, but have they learned to get along? She leaves them with their arms tied together, unable to get away from each other! **Due to limited camera angles during parts of the video, this clip is priced low! Don't miss out on this cute petplay scene!**