I Love Sneezing

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Join me on the bed for some cuddles and a chat about your day at work. I want to relax you as I know it is really stressful for you at the moment and there is not much you can do about it but grin and bear it whilst staff rotas change and your appraisal keeps being put back. Come lie down and hug me close to you so I can stroke your neck and tell you that everything will be ok and show you how much I love you with a sneeky joint sneeze. I know you sneeze quicker than me but I just love the build up when I stick my cotton bud up my lovely nostril. But first I play with your nose and ask you to sneeze cum all over my face so I can feel it spray on my mouth! I have a play with my pussy with my hand down my pants as I tease a hot, sexy sneeze out of my lips and stare at you with adoration as I bring myself off to a unique double orgasm. I can barely contain my excitement at you wanking as you watch me as I know you are normally so shy. Cum with me as I sneeze to orgasm and moan in pleasure!